Your Buyers Agent

 Its the most important decision of your life, don’t let the seller make your decision!

As Buyers Agent I represent the home buyer, and only the home buyer, in a real estate
transaction. At Next Level Realty we never  represents sellers and never takes listings.

This level of protection and dedication is not available under other types of real estate agencies. By the virtue of my fiduciary relationship with the home buyer, I will disclose information to the buyer that materially affects a buyer’s best interests, even if that information is detrimental to the seller!

 The listing agent cannot make such disclosures and must remain loyal to the seller.
This is a critical distinction that separates an Exclusive Buyer Agent from the “dual agency” practice that is common among real estate companies! 

Jeanice Chastain Broker @ Next Level Realty

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Providing Service Beyond the Sale!

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